1. Cardiac catheter trainingOsaka University Graduate School of Medicine

  2. How to make heart modelMolding by 3D printer

  3. Pulsatile PumpPHANTOM

Heart Model

  1. Reusable Training Stent

    Used in HEARTROID coronary artery model for PCI training. Deployed with balloon catheter as real PCI procedure and easy to remove.

  2. TAVI

    This system enables technical training for TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation), a new remedy for aortic valve stenosis.

  3. EVT&RDN

    The standard model is primarily designed for EVT in lower extremities and renal denervation. Vessel model can be customized depending on the purpose along with the special tank.

  4. Myocardial Biopsy Model

    With this model, the myocardial biopsy procedure can be performed under X-ray similar to the set-up in a real clinic. The transparent heart model enables one to practice the procedure by confirming the directions of the sheath and forceps through both an X-ray image and a camera image.

  5. Four-chamber model

    You can train 3D mapping for catheter ablation, myocardial biopsy and so on. Both jugular vein and IVC (inferior vena cava) approaches are applicable. This model has foramen ovale to simulate the Brockenbrough method. This model can be easily connected with the tank contained in the basic set.

  6. Coronary Artery Model

    Heart model suitable for practical training in CAG and PCI under X-ray fluoroscopy in the cath lab including stent deployment and guide wire manipulation necessary for basic PCI.