1. Cardiac catheter trainingOsaka University Graduate School of Medicine

  2. How to make heart modelMolding by 3D printer

  3. Pulsatile PumpPHANTOM


  1. -Normal Coronary model

  2. -CTO Model

  3. -CABG Model

  4. -Disease Model

  5. TAVI Model

  6. LAA Closure Model

  7. ASD Closure Model

  8. Ablation Model

  9. Myocardial Biopsy Model

  10. EVT&RDN Model

  11. -Reusable Training Stent


  1. 5.92017

    We will attend Euro PCR (Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization)2017 in Paris.

    We will attend Euro PCR 2017, dated May 16–19, 2017, at Palais des congrès, Paris, wi...

  2. 11.102016

    Exhibition report – TCT2016 –

    Our cardiac catheter simulator, which is under development in the HEARTROID project, ...

  3. 10.242016

    Media coverage: TV show “Gaia no yoake”

    Our cardiac catheter simulator HEARTROID was on the TV show “Gaia no yoake” of TV Tok...

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